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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is one of the oldest of the engineering branches, it is also one of the broadest. Mechanical engineering combines engineering physics and mathematical principles with material science to design, analyse, manufacture and maintain mechanical systems. These systems can be small such as lifting eyes, lifting beams, truck fall arrests systems, to larger ones such as platforms, walkways, cranes etc.


What does a Mechanical Engineer do?

The skills learned as a Mechanical Engineer are applicable across multiple industries including motor vehicles development, aircraft and ships construction, propulsion design, power plants as well as robotics. Mechanical Engineers can cover virtually all areas of development from analysis and design to development, manufacturing, operation and maintenance.

In short, Mechanical Engineers can investigate and analyse problems and faults with machinery as well as design and provide advice on the building and repair of machines and tools. Most of the work involves design of equipment / machinery.


What is design certification?

Design certification is a formal certification that gives you assurance that your mechanical equipment and structures meet all the required standards and ensures that your workplace is kept safe. This certification is signed by a Chartered Engineer who represents a company with public and professional indemnity insurance.

Occasionally design certification is subject to non-destructive testing (NDT), inspection or load testing for verification. These steps give that next level of assurance that everything is manufactured to the applicable standards. An experienced Mechanical Engineer can advise you if certification or design verification is required.


How can I get a design certification / verification?

The experienced Mechanical Engineers at ‘DE Consulting Engineers and Inspection’ can help you with analysis, design, development and consultancy regarding manufacturing, operations and maintenance. Our competent inspectors can assist with non-destructive testing, equipment inspections and load testing. To get started, click here to get to our contact form or call our Head Office on 03 688 6713.