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Civil & Structural Engineering

DE Consulting & Inspection is a trusted and well-known name within the civil and structural engineering industry.

We can provide design solutions and advice for a wide variety of projects from small retaining walls to large commercial buildings.


  • Highfield Lanes-Timber and masonry(2008)
  • Selbie’s Residence-Timber (2008)
  • Hathaway Residence- Timber and precast concrete (2009)
  • David Rand Residence-Concrete (2007)
  • Gardiners Residence- Strawbale house(2007)
  • Bluecliff Homestead Station Renovation

Commercial /Industrial Buildings

  • Aorangi Grandstand, Timaru (2006)
  • Rakaia Engineering Warehouse, Rakaia (2008)
  • Independent Processing Services Limited, Selwyn(2007)
  • Jelli Park( Christchurch ), Energy Todd (New Plymouth), Hawera Hydroslides Support

Civil Design

  • Retaining Wall , Geraldine (2006)
  • Mitch Van der Croft, Site Development-Compaction tests, Ashburton(2009)


  • Millar Engineering 5T Gantry Crane & Structure (2008)
  • Whitestone Limited (2007)
  • RX Plastics,Ashburton (2008) - Andar Holdings (2008)
  • Mighty River Power, Hamilton (2014/2015) - Whakamaru Power Station Gantry Cranes

Bulk Storage

  • Goodman-Fielder 3-500T Grain Silos -Structural & Civil Design, Christchurch(2009)
  • Biodiesel New Zealand ,Rolleston (2008)
  • CRT-Reliance, Rolleston (2007)
  • ABB New Zealand Silo, Auckland (2008)
  • Westeel Silos and Foundation ,NZ (2005-present)

(Historical Building 1890) (2009)

  • Residential Alterations (SED)

Molasses, Oil, Wastewater and Chemical Tanks

  • NZ Light Leathers,140,000 Liters S/S Wastewater Tank
  • Pacific Terminal Inc,395,000 liters molasses tank, Timaru
  • Trough Hopper, Bleeker and Weith, Timaru
  • Cerebros Greggs(HSNO), Dunedin


  • Winslow Feeds-21m high Pellet making machine structure, Ashburton(2007)
  • Goodman-Fielder Bag Dumping Structure (2008)
  • Talleys Food Conveyor support(2008), Ashburton
  • Fonterra Walkway Supports, Clandeboye
Jhonnal Calleja
BSc (Civil), NZCE (Civil), MIPENZ (Civil,Struct), CPEng (NZ),IntPE (NZ)
Matthew Blackler
BE(Hons), GIPENZ (Civil,Struct), CPEng
Dean Van Buuren
ADV TC FW (a), TC FT, NZCE (Mech), Dip. IIW IWI-S. WTIA SCWI,  AINDT PT2, MT2, RT1, Structural Steel and Welding Compliance Inspector, IQP - BMU.


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