Consulting Engineers, Calibration

Certification & Compliance of Equipment

Health & Safety

"Nothing is more important to the DE Group than the health and safety of its people and our customers"
To assist us in meeting this requirement, we request all staff to follow a process to ensure that the contracted work we do will be performed in a safe and healthy way and to abide by the H&S rules of our customers when working on their sites. General and site specific JSA's have been created to support our H&S manual and to meet the above obligations.


This includes:

  • Planning and preparing for the work;
  • Ensuring staff are up to the job and are trained correctly with relevant competencies for the job;
  • Providing information or resources to the staff both from DE side and from our Customers to meet their requirements;
  • Monitoring the performance of the contract and continually looking at any possible improvements for future jobs.


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