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Certification & Compliance of Equipment

Mechanical Engineering & Design Verification of Cranes

DE Consulting Engineers is a one-stop solutions provider of product design and development of mechanical engineering projects. Our capabilities throughout the product development life cycle includes conceptual design, industrial and mechanical engineering design, CAD modeling and detailing, and manufacturing.
Our team is ready to help your project - when and where you need it. With almost 30 years of experience, you can trust that we delivery premium quality mechanical engineering projects that stand the test of time.

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Mechanical Engineering New Zealand

Mechanical Equipment & Machinery

  • Amusement Devices
  • Cranes, Forklifts, Telehandlers
  • Equipment Modifications
  • Lifting Equipment, lugs, spreader beams & bars
  • Grain Equipment, Conveyors
  • Forestry Machinery Design

Mechanical Plant

  • Grain Equipment, Conveyors
  • Pipe Racks
  • Trench Shields
  • Fall arrest, fall restraints
  • Mancages
  • Platforms & Stair Access

Research and Development

  • Mechanical Innovation
  • Inventions, Prototypes
  • Material Engineering
  • Corrosion Engineering


  • Fuel, Chemical Tanks, Bunds
  • Transportable Tanks

Safety in Design

  • H & S Management Systems
  • Machine Safety, controls & guarding
  • Mobile Machinery Safety
  • Risk Assessment

Pressure Equipment Design

  • Pressure Vessel
  • Pressure Piping
  • Boiler
  • Risk Assessment

Expert Witness / Engineering Forensic

  • Expert Witness
  • Incident Investigation

CAD & Analysis

  • Finite Element Analysis: Inventor, Abaqus
  • AutoPipe

What Is Mechanical Engineering?

Mechanical Engineers design, build, test and maintain all manner of machines in all manner of places. It’s covers virtually all areas of development and production like Analysis, Design, Development, Manufacturing, Operation, Maintenance.

The skills leaned as a mechanical engineer are applicable across multiple industries including motor vehicles development, aircraft and ships construction, propulsion design, power plants and robotics.

What Is Mechanical Engineering?
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